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dc.contributor.authorEstigarribia Barreto, Héctor Ramiro-
dc.descriptionTrabajo aprobado para su presentación en el I Congreso internacional de ciencia, diseño y tecnología organizado por la UNAE en octubre de 2019. página 2/3:
dc.description.abstractSince 2015 at the Faculty of Science and Technology of the UNCA, the Google ClassRoom web service began to be used as a virtual classroom tool instead of the Moodle, which it completely replaced since 2016, since then its use has been increasing but not in the expected percentage in relation to the total amount of subjects that are held in the institution. In addition, despite having the institutional account managed with GSUITE for Education, it has been found that several branches use their own account for the use of Google ClassRoom. The objective of the work was to know the evolution of the percentage of use of the Google ClassRoom service as a virtual classroom tool in the period 2016 - 2019 regarding the amount of total subjects, and analyze the aspects related to the experience in the use of said tool in the community of the Faculty. To achieve this, a type of exploratory and descriptive research was implemented, taking as a source of data surveys and analysis of reports of the Google application manager tool. The approach was mixed: quantitative to know the evolution of the use and qualitative to analyze the experience in such use by the community. As a result of the work, it has been proven that the percentage of use of the virtual classroom tool has evolved although very slowly with respect to the total number of subjects in which it is possible to use it. Said total of subjects has remained unchanged throughout the analyzed period. In the last year a total of 55 classes created from a total of approximately 318 subjects were found, representing 17% of the use. However, not all classes created have resulted in a good user experience due to various factors, including lack of more training and support, and problems with
dc.description.sponsorshipFCyT UNCAes
dc.relation.ispartofseriesCongreso Internacional de ciencia, diseño y tecnología;2019-
dc.subjectAprendizaje en líneaes
dc.subjectTecnología de la informaciónes
dc.titleEvolución del uso de Google ClassRoom en la FCyT UNCA durante el periodo 2016 - 2019es
dc.title.alternativeEvolution of Google ClassRoom use in FCyT UNCA since 2016 until 2019es
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